PERMANENT MAKE UP                            


PRICING: (tax not yet included)


Eyebrows:  $640 + tax


Touch ups:


- 2nd session after initial session before 6 months: $60

- 6 - 12 months thereafter: $200 (from initial session first, then after first touch up session subsequently).

- 1 year to 2 years: $280

- 2 years to 3 years:  $450

- After 3 years:  May be full price depending on amount of work required.



*All prices are subject to change. 



Please ensure that you have read the policies and procedure date requirements before booking.  It is not the responsibility of myself or any staff to inform of all pertinent policies/requirements/care before procedure date.  







Deposit of $250 is required for all new bookings.  Deposit of $50-$100 is required for touch up sessions.  This can be done via email transfer to  Deposit will be calculated towards total amount at procedure date.  Failure to provide more than 72 hours notice will have their deposit forfeited (a new deposit will be required for another booking).   


As everyone's time is valuable, it is important to make it on time to the appointment.  Anyone who is late 10 minutes will be considered a no-show and will have their deposit forfeited.  No exceptions.  This is only fair to everybody and it keeps the scheduling on track.  


Scheduling of touch up sessions is based on the the availability of the artist.  If you have a session booked and need to reschedule it, it is not guaranteed that the subsequent session will be booked within the timeframe of the pricing chart.  Therefore, the appropriate price will be charged based on the timeframe of the price chart.  


Please take into consideration possible traffic jams and road closures to ensure timely arrival.   


There is a no child/pet policy in place.  Please find a sitter to watch your kids as it is not possible for a third party to be in the room during the tattooing phase.


Please come alone or with one other companion (if you need to bring someone).  Additional friends will be asked to come back as the waiting area is reserved for my clients or the clients of the salon only. 


There are certain skin types that are considered problematic for microblading and may require additional sessions to complete the brows.  There will be an extra charge for the additional session if this is the case for you.  Problematic skin may include oily skin, sensitive skin or if you did not follow the pre-procedure instructions (such as what to avoid) that causes excess bleeding.  In addition, if you did not follow the after-care instructions and it affected the retention of the colour, there will be an additional charge for any additional session(s).  






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